MS Visual Studio project manager

JeDi jeroen.dierckx at
Wed Jul 27 21:01:10 UTC 2005

> > But this doesn't really solve my problem. In MS visual studio, no
> > other project management system can be used than the build-in system.
> Yes, cmake builds file for the msvc built-in build-system.
> > I could move project management to cmake, but then I would have to
> > manually manage the project files, and recreate the visual studio
> I don't exactly understand. cmake will create the msvc project files, you
> don't have to manage them manually.
> Can you please explain a bit more ?

The problem is that MS Visual Studio manages my project. When I (or
any one else on the team) add a class (or another file) to the
project, it is added to the .vcproj file. The cmake file won't be
I know I can create visual studio files from cmake, but what I want is
the other way around. I personally don't have a problem editing a
cmake file whenever I add / change something to the projects, but I
know most people of the team will have problems with that.
Visual Studio 2005 has some very nice new functionality to manage the
project (all saved in well-to-read xml files), that I want to use. If
I used cmake to manage my projects, and created visual studio files
from that, I wouldn't be able to use these functions.
Also, cmake can't currently create vs2005 files...


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