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Wed Jul 27 20:39:05 UTC 2005


On Monday 25 July 2005 15:40, JeDi wrote:
> > Before you start anything, have a look at cmake. This build tool can
> > generate Visual Studio projects under windows and makefiles/kdevelop
> > projects under linux while being easier to use than automake & friends.
> > If you have time to spend on that, I would enhance cmake support in
> > kdevelop.
> I know about cmake. Is there already a cmake project manager being
> developed? 

Not really. Feel free to start one, this would be cool :-)
I think reusing the cmake sources might be worth a try.
If you set up the cmake stuff nicely, the files whicj developers have to edit 
can become *very* simple.

> But this doesn't really solve my problem. In MS visual studio, no
> other project management system can be used than the build-in system.

Yes, cmake builds file for the msvc built-in build-system.

> I could move project management to cmake, but then I would have to
> manually manage the project files, and recreate the visual studio

I don't exactly understand. cmake will create the msvc project files, you 
don't have to manage them manually.
Can you please explain a bit more ?

> projects from that. That's even worse than letting two IDEs manage my
> project semi-automatically.
> Plus, I want to be able to use (and am using) more advanced features
> of the (new) visual studio build system, like property sheets and
> custom build rule sets.

Custom build rules should work with cmake. If they don't report a bug against 

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