New parser branch (Was: Dumping the source DOM?)

Adam Treat treat at
Sun Jul 17 21:44:09 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 10:38 am, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> good luck with your project. After reading your comments I'm pretty sure
> you will make it. BTW I'm sure you will have fun to convert gcc's `tree'
> into an AST suitable for KDevelop. For instance, I'm sure you can easly
> recreate the structure of a for-statement, maybe using some
> structure-analysis. This thread is hilarious :-)
> ciao robe

I agree.  Replacing KDevelop's background parser with gcc is a naive 
suggestion.  To even make it work at all will likely require substantial 
changes to gcc's frontend or a wholesale fork which will defeat the purpose 
since mainline g++ bugfixes won't propogate.

Vladimir, with all do respect, you are making suggestions/comments that only 
_appear_ to be of value.  Go and actually dig into the code.  Once you've 
tried and failed at your gccxml powered background parser we can talk.

For now, this thread is a waste of time as Roberto is the only one _working_ 
on it.  

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