New parser branch (Was: Dumping the source DOM?)

Roberto Raggi roberto at
Wed Jul 13 16:40:11 UTC 2005

Hi Vladimir,

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 15:01, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> It's only possible to parse call to 'foo' correctly if you know the type of
> 'v' and can look into 'v's scope to determine that 'foo' is a function
> template, and not something else.
> The fact that gccxml will not produce a parse tree unless you need a
> complete translation unit to it, does not mean that gcc parser does not
> build AST.

good luck with your project. After reading your comments I'm pretty sure you 
will make it. BTW I'm sure you will have fun to convert gcc's `tree' into an 
AST suitable for KDevelop. For instance, I'm sure you can easly recreate the 
structure of a for-statement, maybe using some structure-analysis. 
This thread is hilarious :-)

ciao robe

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