KMDI usage in KDevelop4

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Thu Jul 14 08:23:05 UTC 2005

On Thursday 14 July 2005 01:11, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 July 2005 18:05, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > > Rationale? Hmm... take a closer look at kmdi and kdockwidget sources ;)
> >
> > Well, they are certainly not very nice ;-) The biggest problem is lack of
> > comments.
> I wish it was the biggest problem in kmdi....

IMO, it is ;-) If code has comments, then it can be refactored to anything in 
no time.

> > However, the code in src/newui, which being more that twice smaller than
> > KMDI, has the same problem (comments I mean).
> Hehe :) This can be fixed ;)

Would be much appreciated by anybody who will ever look at the code.

> > Ok, I've tried it. First bug report:
> > 1. Start KDevelop
> > 2. Click on "Variables" tab.
> > Expected result (as in KMDI):
> > 1. The window takes about 20% of main window width.
> > 2. The "Variable name" column takes 50% of variables window width
> > Actual result:
> > 1. The window takes about 70% of main window width
> The toolview width is saved in the config file. You can just resize it.

Sorry, I disagree. Say, kdevelop was just installed, and a new user starts it. 
The width of tool window should be sane the first time, *without* any 

Where's the logic for setting initial width is documented and implemented?

> > 2. The "Variable name" column takes about 10% of variables window width
> This doesn't seem connected to the UI mode/library. It's just "Variable"
> column that has fixed width probably.

No, in VariableWidget::showEvent the first column is resized to be 50% of 
window width. This works with KMDI, but not with simple IDEAL mode.
As a related question -- recently, I've asked in KMDI mailing list about 
"initial width of tool window set" signal. KMDI lacks it, is there such 
signal in simple IDEAL mode?
(You took part in that discussion, so I omit the links).

> "detach" is in works now. It is simple to implement but I'm working on much
> improved way of detaching/attaching docks.


- Volodya

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