KMDI usage in KDevelop4

Alexander Dymo adymo at
Wed Jul 13 17:57:45 UTC 2005

On Monday 11 July 2005 08:35, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> 2. What's the rationale for the change? How much time will it take to make
> "simple ideal" mode work on par with current KMDI?
Rationale? Take a closer look at kmdi and kdockwidget sources ;)
It already does what is necessary for Ideal mode and even more (splitting

> 3. Does the new ideal mode works good enough at the moment?
You can try it. Go to user interface settings in KDevelop and choose
simple ideal mode. I work with it every day. KDevAssistant already
runs in simple ideal mode by default and I'm planning to make it
default for KDevelop as well after I polish splittings windows.

> 4. What's the timeline for switch to that code? KDE4? If that's the case,
> I'll still have to work with KMDI. KDE4 is too late for me.
You can either work on KDevelop 3.2/HEAD implementation of simple ideal
or on KDE4 port (which will be committed soon).

Alexander Dymo
ICST Department, National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

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