CPP support broken with QMake

Tobias Erbsland terbsland at printsoft.ch
Tue Jul 12 16:54:07 UTC 2005

> I am pretty sure this is the wrong place for the QMake settings, so
> you are probibly best off to place them with the rest of the QMake support,
> or in a seperate QMake plugin.

It's definitly the wrong place, but currently C++ and Qt support are melted 
together, and I haden't the time to split it up. It's a quick fix to solve 
the biggest things.

- The class generator should be getting more modular, that was the main 
- And there is no "qmake" configuration. Neither in project nor in the global 

Many problems, and I already work with Qt4 and have no time left to fix all. 

best regards

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