debugger shortcuts

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Fri Jul 1 13:00:08 UTC 2005

Hi Andras,
> On Friday 01 July 2005 13:11, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > What's even more puzzling is that actions like "View -> Hide icon
> > border" or "View -> Show line numbers" have some F keys as shortcuts.
> Those are Katepart shortcuts...

Hmm.. is it possible to disable those? I guess those shortcuts are specified 
when katepart creates it's KAction's. Can KDevelop override those?

> But yes, would be nice to have shortcuts for debugger.
> If you are interested in working with the debugger, I could suggest some
> challenging bugs to fix. ;-) For example:
> - breakpoints are not always taken into account (run does not stop on
> them), especially in constructors
> - breakpoints are taken into account even if they are removed
> - step over sometimes acts as step into...
> In case you are interested, I will give the examples to reproduce them.

I can't promise to actually fix those problems in any specific time frame, but 
I would appreciate if you provide a reproducible example. They might end up 
as bugs in gdb (I recall some breakpoint problems in construct), but anyway, 
would be great to know for sure.

- Volodya

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