Java parser: transcription finished

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at
Fri Dec 2 11:15:05 UTC 2005

Am Thursday 01 December 2005 12:13 schrieb Roberto Raggi:
> actually, i'm not 100% sure it is a bug in kdev-pg..

If for example LBRACE !(anything) RBRACE doesn't match {} and 'anything'
does under no circumstances start with RBRACE, then I assume it's a bug.

> > That last one would most likely involve extending kdev-pg with LL(k)
> > stuff. Roberto already said that this isn't exactly trivial, so I'll ask
> > my professor what he thinks about it. At least there's something to do
> > over the christmas holidays :D
> it's not trivial, but it is possible :-) I will try

So, Prof. Puntigam meant that I should maybe try these conflicts with nasty 
hacks, because implementing LL(k) or backtracking myself would take too
much time, and it's not granted that you'll make it in time for my deadlines.

> year!! thanks again for your hard work :-) 

Ah well, i must say thanks to you all, for making KDevelop so cool and
making my contribution possible at all. So, thanks, everyone :-)


P.S.: Could some mailing list moderator please approve the original mail?
(Or deny it, and I resend it without attachment.) Thanks.

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