Java parser: transcription finished

Roberto Raggi roberto at
Thu Dec 1 12:14:06 UTC 2005

Hi Jakob!

wow!! thanks a lot ;-)

On Wednesday 30 November 2005 21:40, you wrote:
> As far as I can see, there are two main problems:
> 1. The bug in kdev-pg. Roberto, maybe you can find some time to fix it
>    in between optimizing the C++ preprocessor? Please? Would be so cool.
>    I believe most parse errors (it's reeeally bad at the moment) are caused
>    by that bug. Must be that way, otherwise I'm in big trouble ;-)
actually, i'm not 100% sure it is a bug in kdev-pg.. but I'll take a look at 
it.. it sounds at least as important as the C/C++ preprocessor ;)

> 2. There are 5 conflicts where I couldn't think of a non-LL(k) way to solve
>    them. I documented all the conflicts, and the 5 problematic ones would
> be quite a restriction in their current state.
>    (Worst one: no variable declarations).
it should be possible with parsing conditions/predicates!! I'll take a look at 

> So what's up next for me is:
> - Care for the other courses again
> - Write a program that outputs the parsed AST (next milestone for the prof)
> - Get the parser working perfectly.
cool :-)

> That last one would most likely involve extending kdev-pg with LL(k) stuff.
> Roberto already said that this isn't exactly trivial, so I'll ask my
> professor what he thinks about it. At least there's something to do over
> the christmas holidays :D
it's not trivial, but it is possible :-) I will try

> For the time being, I put the grammar under the LGPL. Don't know if that's
> the best thing I can do, anyways I can still relax it afterwards.
> (Comments?)
year!! thanks again for your hard work :-)

ciao robe

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