KDevelop UI cleanup initiative

Sascha Cunz scunz at ng-projekt.de
Tue Jun 1 12:03:17 UTC 2004

On Sunday 30 May 2004 17:01, Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> > That is acutally not true. several standard indentifiers of several
> > languages have man pages. As i remember from the top of my head: perl,
> > tcl, python. For writing a bash script it might be the kicking feature.
> Errr.. yes, of course. You're right. (Does it show that I don't leave C++
> that often? ;) )

> But configurable, please! :)
depends on that XMLGUI stuff, i think.

> > I just remeber myself saying, that if we ever happen to get good context
> > menus, one of the kdevelop-devs will become a XMLGUI guru. I think this
> > still applies.
> Or perhaps the other way around...
> And if you find him, please have him take a look at the toolbars too, ok?
> ;)


> > Just a note: I was always thinking, if i could make the diff tool view to
> > "undock" it's content into a new window in the main area. I never got the
> > time for doing it, though.
> > But it is just plain imposible to view 2 diffs at the same time. Which is
> > IMHO important, because i know no way (using the cvsservice plugin) to
> > select more than one file and do a diff based on that selection.
> I don't see how running a diff against two selected files is the same thing
> as seeing two diffs, but.. in the CvsService menu, "Difference Between
> Versions" let's you do this as long as one as you want to do diffs against
> the repository.

I see, i should have been more clear, in what i mean here: what i mean is, i 
cannot make the cvsservice plugin to execute "cvs diff foo.cpp bar.cpp"

> The diffpart could probably easily be extended to support doing a diff on
> two arbitrary local files (something that to me would be more useful than
> the current "inspect diff" feature). Without looking I think adding this is
> a 10 minute job.
> > Hm, who was the guy that offered a new kdevelop logo few months ago? cies
> > IIRC. Maybe we should ask him, if he can help.
> Yes, and Ramón, who did our current splash image.
We should ask them then.

> > I do not start thinking about a unified project manager at this
> > point. It would be a useless discussion :) But acutally, that would be
> > the "sane" way to do it.
> Yeah.. looong term. But not in the context of having more uniform icons..
> ;)
But we could declare making icons the same as a starting point :-)

Putting the XMLGUI Stuff in second sub thread. This is a different and complex 
issue. And i have to disagree to you very much.

> > > > - File Create does IMHO no longer need an individual toolview; I
> > > > recently changed the Toolbar action to have a popup menu. Though, it
> > > > was always a good thing, but as ugly as can be.
> > >
> > > Agreed. Personally, I would be glad to see it go.
> > >
> > > It does already support optionally hiding that toolview, but (at least
> > > last I looked at it) the code doesn't look completely finished and is
> > > apparently unmaintained for some time now.
> >
> > Haven't seen that code yet. But also have never seen a ui for it
> Settings -> configure -> new file wizard -> use side tab (a checkbox,
> bottom right corner)

Cool, now it's gone for good :)

> > - well,
> > this means nothing in file-create. Who acutally knows that there is a
> > completely different ui implementation, which is just imposible to
> > activate.... :-)
> Yeah.. cool, isn't it? ;)

we should add then:
	./configure --with-new-file-ui=2


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