KDevelop UI cleanup initiative

Tobias Gläßer tobi.web at gmx.de
Tue Jun 1 14:02:59 UTC 2004

Am So, den 30.05.2004 um 5:23 Uhr +0200 schrieb Sascha Cunz:
> > [Yup.. more. the following added by Tobias Gläßer]
> >
> > - The 'Build' - and 'Clean API Documentation' entries make more sense in
> > the Project than in the Build menu. The build menu should be reserved
> > for the actual code building proccess. API documentation is closely
> > related to projects.
> So building and cleaning the API documentation is not a build proccess? i 
> doubt that and think that these are good where they are and should remain 
> there.

I think you got the point wrong. The 'Build' menu of a development IDE
should be reserved for the building of your application/library
whatever, but nothing else.
The 'Build/Clean API Documentation' entries aren't related to the build
process, because they are a totally seperated task.
They make more sense in the Project menu, that's simply more intuitiv


Tobias Gläßer

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