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Mario Scalas mario.scalas at libero.it
Wed Sep 24 21:52:07 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 24 September 2003 20:59, Christian Loose wrote:
> AFAIK the cvsservice part only depends on cervisia's dcop service
> (cvsservice). So if really necessary you could import just the cvsservice
> subdirectory of cervisia into KDevelop's source tree. There should be no
> problem to make it compile under KDE 3.1 (but I don't know about KDE 3.0).

There have been talk on #kdevelop about importing cvsservice sources in 
kdevelop: still I think that if cervisia is packaged as a stand-alone 
application the problem can be reduced to a package dependency which is 
solved by the particular packager. For 3.1 an integrate solution 
kdevelop-cervisia would be a cool thing :-)

Just my .02 cents

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