KDevelop 3.0.1

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Wed Sep 24 21:00:09 UTC 2003

Am Mittwoch, 24. September 2003 20:34 schrieb Alexander Dymo:
> It is time to clarify my opinion :)
> > 2) remove cvspart
> Veto unless we provide a solution to perform cvs operations on
> KDE < 3.2 without cervisia installed.
> Currently cvspart is the only solution that works without cervisia.
> We can leave it for the 3.0 release and maybe remove after the release.
> Importing cervisia into KDevelop source tree is not the best solution
> especially when we are closing to the release.

AFAIK the cvsservice part only depends on cervisia's dcop service 
(cvsservice). So if really necessary you could import just the cvsservice 
subdirectory of cervisia into KDevelop's source tree. There should be no 
problem to make it compile under KDE 3.1 (but I don't know about KDE 3.0).

Christian Loose
Cervisia maintainer - http://www.kde.org/apps/cervisia

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