Multiple diff from cvs log with highlighting

Harald Fernengel harry at
Tue Sep 16 18:58:04 UTC 2003


On Tuesday 16 September 2003 18:32, Mario Scalas wrote:
> 	I reworked cvs log functions to do multiple diff from the same log: I'd
> like to replace the ugly text in some simple QTextEdits with the more
> colorful in parts/diff/diffwidget.{h,cpp} DiffWidget class. Until now I
> simply copied the two files in parts/cvsservice and replaced QTextEdit with
> DiffWidget. This is obviously code duplication (though quite innocue since
> I copied the files as thery are). I could link to ../parts/diff but then I
> would establish a dependency between diff and cvsservice modules. Is there
> any better way to to have syntax highlight and avoid code duplication
> without stricting modules each other?

Why don't you use the KDevDiffFrontend? That way you can display and diff 
whatsoever in the diff output pane. In future you'll also be able to 
merge/apply stuff there.

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