Multiple diff from cvs log with highlighting

Mario Scalas mario.scalas at
Tue Sep 16 18:34:02 UTC 2003

Hi all,
	I reworked cvs log functions to do multiple diff from the same log: I'd like 
to replace the ugly text in some simple QTextEdits with the more colorful in 
parts/diff/diffwidget.{h,cpp} DiffWidget class. Until now I simply copied the 
two files in parts/cvsservice and replaced QTextEdit with DiffWidget. This is 
obviously code duplication (though quite innocue since I copied the files as 
thery are). I could link to ../parts/diff but then I would establish a 
dependency between diff and cvsservice modules. Is there any better way to to 
have syntax highlight and avoid code duplication without stricting modules 
each other?

Thanks and cu :-)

Mario Scalas <mario dot scalas at libero dot it>
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