Qt Designer version differences (was: Yet another CVS compile error)

Alexander Dymo cloudtemple at mksat.net
Sun Sep 14 18:56:03 UTC 2003

On Sunday 14 September 2003 15:37, Bernd Pol wrote:
> Hi,
> > On Sunday 14 September 2003 04:53, jbb wrote:
> >> When using designer from qt3.2, as long as we change the version
> >> number in the generated ui files back to 3.1, it seems to work.
> >

doctreeglobalconfigwidgetbase.ui is saved with 3.1 designer:
<!DOCTYPE UI><UI version="3.1" stdsetdef="1">

> > It is not that simple as changing the version number (I thought so,
> > too). It did compile here only after I explicitly saved the files back
> > through the Qt 3.1Designer (only the parts/doctreeview ui stuff).
> > There
> > must be some incompatibility which doesn't show up most of the time.
> Now, having slept a few hours I decided to have deeper look at those
> mystics: *** There are differences! ***
> I have two diffs attached, my Qt 3.1 Designer saved version vs. CVS HEAD
> version.
> The main problem is with doctreeglobalconfigwidgetbase.ui. There seems
> some vital information been lost by the downgraded save. Please have a
> look at it.

It seems that you have no kde widget plugins installed!
If you don't have Tools | Input (KDE) menu entries then you don't have kde
widget plugins. Please check your kdelibs installation.
There should be (for SuSE)
directory with kdewidgets.so file withing.
File is in kdelibs3 package.

Alexander Dymo
Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University, IT Department

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