Gideon and the KDE 3.1 release

Serge Lussier bretzel33 at
Tue Oct 29 14:29:02 UTC 2002

I would do so too. Lets go switch to Kdevelop 3
ASAP. I am using Gideon alpha with more success
with RedHat 8 than with Kdevelop 2.x-
( I've recently switched from Mandrake 9 to RH8 ;-)

If I find some (free) time I would also learn cppsupport/KdevPlugin/Parts, 
then redo something
about CPP's Class properties. I know Victor  is doing
something - but if more help is needed... Who knows ;-)

I have a certain vision about CPP support:
Gideon is still missing:
  - A wizard for KAction setup/editing.
  - The ability to parse source code for hunting
  - Search and parse in source code for
implemented QT Connection ( as a MAP )


>From: Roland Krause Reply-To: kdevelop-devel at To: 
>kdevelop-devel at Subject: Re: Gideon and the KDE 3.1 release 
>Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 10:05:17 -0800 (PST)
>Caleb, as a user of KDevelop-2, I would like to begin working with gideon 
>rather sooner then later. Only by working with it I hope to be able to help 
>out with the one or other bug.
>Therefore, I would like to see a release KDevelop-3.0.0.
>If other users dont like the new version they will wait with adopting it.
>Just my 2c.
>--- Caleb Tennis wrote: > > As the 3.1 release draws close, we need to 
>decide the direction we'd > like to > go with Gideon. Right now, the code 
>seems pretty stable but as > everyone is > noting a lot of bugs are being 
>filed. Do we want to try to sync a > release > to the KDE 3.1, or use this 
>time to stabilize everything and perhaps > make it > synced to 3.2? > > I 
>would rather wait until 3.2. > > Feedback; thoughts? > > Caleb > > > - > to 
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