Gideon Docs

Sebastian Kratzert sebastian.kratzert at
Wed Nov 27 17:26:02 UTC 2002

On Monday 25 November 2002 22:37, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> In light of the fact that the documentation for Gideon is mostly
> incomplete, I am attempting to write some stuff up.  I plan on doing it in
> small chunks as time permits, so if you notice incompleteness please be
> patient.
> On a common note, I do believe that it is time to do something about the
> "extra" documentation in the cvs directory.  I had proposed before that we
> remove it from the cvs tree and maintain it somewhere else with appropriate
> links, and perhaps give users the ability to install locally if they would
> like.
> Does anyone have objections to me removing this from cvs (stl, libc,
> kdearch, kde2book)?  I think there's a better place for this than with the
> source.

Sorry for my late reply.
I have an objection for removing the toc and index files of stl and libc.
DoctreeViewWidget needs,, and to display the trees for installed libc/stl api-docs.
So if one downloads for instance STL_doc.tar.gz he can not see it in 

They install to $KDEDIR/share/apps/kdevdoctreeview/indices and tocs.



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