Gideon Docs

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Wed Nov 27 18:25:05 UTC 2002

> Sorry for my late reply.
> I have an objection for removing the toc and index files of stl and libc.
> DoctreeViewWidget needs,, and
> to display the trees for installed libc/stl api-docs.
> So if one downloads for instance STL_doc.tar.gz he can not see it in
> doctreeviewwidget.
> They install to $KDEDIR/share/apps/kdevdoctreeview/indices and tocs.


I plan to keep those files, as well as a few new ones I've created.
However, the implementation is a bit different.

The default files will now point to some online sites that contain the
information, instead of locally on the hard drive.

If the user instead wants to install the files on their own drive, packages
will be available to do so.  All they will need to do is update the <base>
field in the toc/index files.

I'm hoping that perhaps a small addon feature with doctreeview can be added
to allow someone to easily change the <base> location of the files.  Do you
think this would be an easy thing to add?

I'm most of the way done with implementing and testing this.  After it's
done, I'd appreciate any feedback you may have.


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