Gideon Docs

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Tue Nov 26 09:29:02 UTC 2002


>> In light of the fact that the documentation for Gideon is mostly 
>> incomplete, I am attempting to write some stuff up.  I plan on doing 
>> it in small chunks as time permits, so if you notice incompleteness 
>> please be patient.
>> On a common note, I do believe that it is time to do something about 
>> the "extra" documentation in the cvs directory.  I had proposed 
>> before that we remove it from the cvs tree and maintain it somewhere 
>> else with appropriate links, and perhaps give users the ability to 
>> install locally if they would like.
>> Does anyone have objections to me removing this from cvs (stl, libc, 
>> kdearch, kde2book)? 
> No objections from me. 

No objections from me, too.

BUT :-)

I wouldn't prefer to remove the parts listed below from CVS!
Okay, they aren't 100% finished/working/whatever, but they have the 
benefit that you could easily check up how to write a certain part for 
And they aren't that large...

Just my 0,02 EUR.

> I suggest to also do this with the exotic parts:
>  - buglist
>  - fortransupport
>  - javadebugger
>  - javasupport
>  - nedit
>  - perforce
>  - perlsupport
>  - phpsupport
>  - pythonsupport
>  - scripting
>  - scriptproject
>  - visualboyadvance
>  - ... and likely more ...
> to ease the *common Qt/KDE-C++ IDE* from such overkill.
> Earlier someone suggested to split KDevelop during packaging but I 
> suppose it will never happen or just in a few distros.

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