Gideon Releases

Harald Fernengel harry at
Wed Nov 6 23:21:03 UTC 2002


On Wednesday 06 November 2002 10:09, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> Does anyone have an issue with tagging another release within the next two
> weeks?  I have a few bugs that I'm working on trying to clear up from the
> bug database.  Any major milestones foreseen as being necessary before we
> tag another release?

imho a beta release is a bit too early, it will just scare beta-testers off. A 
beta should be feature frozen and more-or-less ready for work.

What about releasing an alpha2 together with KDE 3.1? There were some 
important bugfixes (the goto error bug, the debugging fix and so on). Also, I 
fixed the outputviews today which had a broken linespace together with Qt 

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