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Dear All,

for the third time in a row the Linux New Media Award are being

Our Editor's Choice Award is different from other magazine awards in
that in addition to the editors, a jury of authors, industry leaders and
members of the development and Open Source Community participated in the

Your product / tool has been nominated for the Linux New Media Award.
Congratulations, the jury has voted you one of the top three in your

For further information, please see the enclosed press information
including the list of all categories and winners.

Best regards
Rosemarie Schuster
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Jury Chooses 2002 Linux New Media Award Winners

Munich, Germany. November 5, 2002

With its annual Awards, Linux New Media recognizes the products, 
projects and companies that have done the most to promote free 
software and advance the use of Linux worldwide.

In each of 10 categories, the first, second, and third places were 
determined by vote of a 35-person jury. The jury was made up of Linux 
professionals including the editorial teams of and regular 
contributors to Linux Magazine, Linux-Magazin, LinuxUser, and Further jury members included VIPs of the Open 
Source scene and Linux business such as Kernel Coordinator Alan Cox, 
Linux International President Jon "maddog" Hall, 
FreeSoftwareFoundation Europe's President Georg Greve, IBM Linux 
Evangelist Tom Schwaller, and Kalle Dalheimer, Founder of the KDE 

The winners: 

The Linux PDA Sharp Zaurus won the Mobile Devices category, while the 
Network Hardware award went to the Axiom AX 6113 server. Pioneer's 
DVR-104 DVD Writer hit the top spot for General Hardware. Under Linux 
Distributions, it is no surprise that Debian won the race - the jury 
honored the work of several key developers who have worked so hard on 
the free operating system over the past years. The GCC ("GNU Compiler 
Collection", renamed from "GNU C Compiler" in 1999) won the award for 
the best Development Software. In the Office Packages category, the 
Open Office suite prevailed against the other competitors with a 
sensational vote of 47.8%.

Mozilla triumphed over the email client Mutt and Konqueror browser to 
win under Internet Applications. In the Databases category, 
PostgreSQL overtook MySQL for the first time. The special award for 
Newcomer of the Year goes to Gentoo Linux, a BSD-style, ports-based 
distribution that allows users to build all packages specifically for 
a particular machine. In the Linux Companies category, IBM won the 
first prize as the company who has done the most to promote Linux 
during the past year.

And the winners in detail are:

Mobile Devices
1. Sharp Zaurus 		44%
2. Compaq Ipq   		31%
3. Yopy 			25%

Hardware components
1. Axiom AX 6113  		34,9%
2. Intranator    		30,9%
3. Equiinet     		23,3%

Network Hardware
1. Pioneer DVR-104	23,9%
2. ATI FireGL 		4 23,1%
3. Fujitsu Siemens Memorybird   14,6%

1. Debian       		28,8%
2. Knoppix      		25,7%
3. SuSE 			13,1%

Development Software
1. GCC  			25,5%
2. KDevelop     		15,2%
3. Eclipse      		13,6%

Office Packages
1. Open Office  		47,8%
2. KOffice      		11,3%
3. Star Office  		10,1%

Internet Clients
1. Mozilla      		29,4%
2. Mutt 			17,2%
3. Konqueror    		16,7%

1. PostgreSQL   		39,6%
2. MySQL        		33,7%
3. DB2  			  9,5%

Special Award
Newcomer of the year
1. Gentoo       		24,4%
1. Ogg Vorbis   		24,4%
2. Video Disk Recorder  	17,2%

Companies who have been especially good for Linux
1. IBM  			33,5%
2. O'Reilly     		15,6%
3. Red Hat      		11,0%

About Linux New Media:
Linux New Media AG is the market leader for print and online Linux 
content in Europe. For over eight years, Linux New Media has been 
providing useful information on this unique Open Source operating 
system on a monthly basis.

Linux New Media publishes the international Linux-Magazine in English 
as well as the German-language publications Linux-Magazin and 
LinuxUser. Our website is a central forum 
where people interested in Linux can easily access extensive archives 
of news and information. In addition, Linux New Media further serves 
the Linux community by organizing Linux events such as the LinuxPark 
at the CeBIT.

For further information please contact:
Linux New Media AG
Stefan-George-Ring 24
81929 München
Contact:  Birgit Claussen
Phone: +49-89 / 99 34 11 - 23
Fax: +49 -89 / 99 34 11 - 99
E-Mail: mailto:presse at
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