Gideon Releases

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Wed Nov 6 16:05:06 UTC 2002


>That said, I will plan on doing the grunt work again to make a 3.0 beta1 
>release in the near future.  CVS will still be fully open for new features, 
>bug fixes, etc.  I don't want to put a feature freeze in yet, because I think 
>some people are still toying with things that they're just not quite yet 
>ready to commit.
Applies to me ;-).
I hope to commit in some days.

>Does anyone have an issue with tagging another release within the next two 
>weeks?  I have a few bugs that I'm working on trying to clear up from the bug 
>database.  Any major milestones foreseen as being necessary before we tag 
>another release?
Except that the Automake Manager should be able to remove subprojects, 
targets, etc... (from my look-out)
No :-).


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