Gideon Releases

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Wed Nov 6 15:10:05 UTC 2002

As KDE 3.1 draws very close and 3.2 on the near horizon, I'm wanting to focus 
a bit on Gideon, releases, milestones, etc.

I'm very pleased with the improvements that have been made in the past month, 
the bugs that have been reported and closed.  I would like to continue this 
trend for a while.  As we all know, there are still some feature issues that 
probably need to be dealt with before we release a "working program".

I also think that we are missing out on some "beta testers" while having an 
"alpha release", perhaps because by naming it "alpha" people aren't quite 
ready yet to give it a try.  Thus, I think perhaps a beta 1 release is in 
order in the next few weeks, hopefully while riding the coattails of the KDE 
3.1 release.

That said, I will plan on doing the grunt work again to make a 3.0 beta1 
release in the near future.  CVS will still be fully open for new features, 
bug fixes, etc.  I don't want to put a feature freeze in yet, because I think 
some people are still toying with things that they're just not quite yet 
ready to commit.

Does anyone have an issue with tagging another release within the next two 
weeks?  I have a few bugs that I'm working on trying to clear up from the bug 
database.  Any major milestones foreseen as being necessary before we tag 
another release?


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