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Harald Fernengel harry at
Tue Nov 5 22:47:02 UTC 2002


On Sunday 03 November 2002 17:36, August Hörandl wrote:
> gideon doesn't find the line with error message (suse 8.1, german) -
> starting
>    LANG="C" gideon
>  helps

cvs update, does it help?

> setup ("einstellungen")
> "configure editor ist only visible if a source file is selected, but not
> during e.g. browsing docu

hm... I tried to fix that but when I added a configure editor action, we would 
have to menu entries for that (one from gideon, one from the editor that is 
merged into the menu). Also, it is possible to have more than one editor-type 
at one time, so I thought it was a clever idea to have it that way.

> editor:
> is there a possibility to make the "line number column" smaller?

ask the guys that wrote the editor ;)

> editor:
> there is a checkbox "show folding marker", but how to fold?

just klick on the "+" or on the "-".

> editor (kate komponent):
> if there are some lines longer then the visible editor width:
> the cursor at the end of the longest line in the file is invisible

Probably fixed in 3.1.

> is there a way to "show current class in the classview":
> example:
>   name-> nameofmethod()
>         ^ cursor
> there is "programs/goto ctags definition" on right mouse click;
> you get to the right place, but there is no way to find this
> class in the big classview

That would be a good feature, please add it to bugzilla wishlist items (if it 
is not already there ;)).

> during config there is a point "show menuebar" - if deselected, the
> menue is gone - ok. but how to get the menu back (if the shortcut is
> unknown or disabled)? only way: change ~/.kde/share/config/gideonrc
>   [Mainwindow]
>   MenuBar=Enabled

grrr... just lost my stupid menu-bar, CTRL-M is already taken by another 
shortcut. Thanks for the gideonrc hint :) We should add a rmb menu to show it 

Best regards,

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