STL docs in Gideon? (was: Re: playing with gideon)

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Wed Nov 13 14:27:02 UTC 2002

Sebastian Kratzert wrote:

>Am Monday 11 November 2002 18:23 schrieb Caleb Tennis:
>>>You must be kidding :-)
>>>2 MB is nothing, literally nothing, compared to the inconvenience to
>>>maintain two seperate packages. The inconveninience to read, and answer
>>>the same question "Where is the documentation" over and over and over
>>>again in the mailing list. Worse, if you split gideon into core and
>>>parts you are in "package hell".
>>>I say "Make it easy, include everything".
>>Why don't we put the documentation online, and use gideon to point to its
>>location?  If a user wants to install the documentation locally, perhaps a
>>simple tar xzf is all they need to do to have local docs.
>I agree with that. 
>I think most people use Kdevelop shipped with a distribution. The 
>distributions can make ducumentation packages for their customers. The other 
>people who don't use Linux distributions will know how to download and 
>install a tarball.
Long long time ago, when there was no VC++ from MS, Borland used to 
provide a special to browse, read and search the several help documents 
they ship. Then MS came with MSDN.

The moral of this super summarized story is that it is really convenient 
to be able to browse all documentation at a central location. Therefore 
I propose that Gideon shall have at least a central page ( like the ones 
you can find in VC++.Net and Komodo ) where you can browse, search and 
read HTML pages, man pages etc.

Currently technologies available in KDE, HtDig and in doxygen are very 
good and well tested. What needs to be done is a good integration work 
and at the end an easy to use and easy to configure & install help 
system shall be in Gideon. A believe Qt's assistant is a nice start point.

I am aware that this is more work then simply adding links to web sites. 
But if Gideon is the NEXT KDevelop version, it should at least be 
powerful as VC++.Net, Eclipse and Komodo.

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