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W. Tasin tasin at
Fri Jun 21 15:15:05 UTC 2002

W. Tasin wrote:

>>> You can print into postscript files, btw ;)
>> Thanks for the hint.
>> Walter I tried to print to PDF and your patch works well.
>> (Hey, I see all bugs ;) , 2 problems remain:
>> 1.) If you remove $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdeveloprc and restart 
>> KDevelop (which calls the setup wizard), the initial settings in 
>> 'Options'--> 'Editor defaults' of the KDE3 version are with a strange 
>> editor font and size=4 and printsize=4. Though the editor shows up 
>> AdobeCourier with 12, but the printoutput does default to 4. It could 
>> be, it's a KDE3-version problem, only. 
> Hmm...
> what are your default font settings (especially the "Fixed Font")? 
> This one will (or should) be use, if there is no kdeveloprc.  Is this 
> default font available in the Combo-boxes of KDevelop? Maybe there's a 
> problem in getting all typefaces? (Only an assumption..)
Here what I'm examined:
Falk you are right it is now set to Bitstream 4pt, but this is only the 
case if KControl/Look & Feel/Fonts/Fixed Width has an entry taken from 
KDE 2.
If you use the "chose"-button you cannot find this entry (normally 
"courier 10pt") . With KDE 3 I cannot find the typeface "courier", but 
"Courier [Adobe]" or "Courier [Bitstream]", so with the algorithm of 
KDevelop's default font selection it takes the first fontface in the list.
Maybe this is the wrong way, but how should it be done correctly??

I would say: First correct the font fields inside KControl then KDevelop 
works fine, too ;-).  



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