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W. Tasin tasin at
Fri Jun 21 12:45:06 UTC 2002

>> You can print into postscript files, btw ;)
> Thanks for the hint.
> Walter I tried to print to PDF and your patch works well.
> (Hey, I see all bugs ;) , 2 problems remain:
> 1.) If you remove $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdeveloprc and restart 
> KDevelop (which calls the setup wizard), the initial settings in 
> 'Options'--> 'Editor defaults' of the KDE3 version are with a strange 
> editor font and size=4 and printsize=4. Though the editor shows up 
> AdobeCourier with 12, but the printoutput does default to 4. It could 
> be, it's a KDE3-version problem, only. 

what are your default font settings (especially the "Fixed Font")? This 
one will (or should) be use, if there is no kdeveloprc.  Is this default 
font available in the Combo-boxes of KDevelop? Maybe there's a problem 
in getting all typefaces? (Only an assumption..)

> 2.) The print is cut at a certain column, looks like column=80. Though 
> my sources are wider. So I can't fully read code with long sources lines. 

Yes, I know about this fact (that's one reason why I introduced the 
printing font size). I don't have an idea how to solve this problem in a 
clean way...
Either switching word-wrap on for printer output or is there an easier 
version to do or should the width calculated in another way???

Maybe a kwrite/kate developer could clear this (I think I would 
introduce more bugs then repair a bug)?

> Cheers
> F at lk


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