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Simon Hausmann wrote:

>>What do you think about making it the default setting?
>>B/W printers should print b/w anyway.
>>And can the user actually unset a "colour" checkbox in the KDE print 
>>dialog? So we would always supply coloured printing, and the user could 
>>finally set back to black/white. Is this possible with KDE's print system?
>Sure thing. QPrinter has a colorMode() property, both, Qt's and
>KDE's print dialog allow you to switching between grayscale and
>color mode,  and Qt either way takes care of dithering down to
>black/white if the user selected GrayScale as color mode while the
>application issues paint commands involving colors.
So far so good. Now I saw the checkbox in the printer options as I tried 
'Print to PDF' which works well. :-)
Indeed, one can unset 'colored' to 'grayscale'. But actually, we need 
'black/white', dithering to colour depth 1 so to speak. A third 
checkbox. :-)

>>P.S.: atm I cannot test the printing, my printer doesn't work any more 
>>because of the reinstallation with SuSE-8. I need to find the reason 
>>first... But your patch looks good to me.
>You can print into postscript files, btw ;)
Thanks for the hint.
Walter I tried to print to PDF and your patch works well.
(Hey, I see all bugs ;) , 2 problems remain:
1.) If you remove $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdeveloprc and restart 
KDevelop (which calls the setup wizard), the initial settings in 
'Options'--> 'Editor defaults' of the KDE3 version are with a strange 
editor font and size=4 and printsize=4. Though the editor shows up 
AdobeCourier with 12, but the printoutput does default to 4. It could 
be, it's a KDE3-version problem, only.
2.) The print is cut at a certain column, looks like column=80. Though 
my sources are wider. So I can't fully read code with long sources lines.

F at lk

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