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W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Jun 20 11:10:05 UTC 2002

F at lk Brettschneider wrote:

> W. Tasin wrote:
>>   or better only "KDevelop" (which means that we need a definition 
>> for naming "gideon", e.g "KDevelop (gideon)").
> I second this.
> Ciao
> F at lk
> BTW: Your print patch applied to SuSE-8.0's KDE and Qt seems to work 
> OK except the initial print font size shows "4" although the print 
> result itself looks like size 12. Any idea? Furthermore, can we print 
> coloured, I mean the syntax highlighting colours, too?
> Ciao
> F at lk
Hi F at lk, hi guys,

finally here's the patch which should handle the 4pt/12pt fontsize problem.

I also added the possibility to compile KDevelop with color printing 
support (in the easiest and non problematic way).
(Now KDevelop can be build with

 #CPPFLAGS="-DCOLORPRINT" ./configure ....

 to have color printouts)



oohhh sveglia.... il mondo e' ammalato, ma x colpa di chi.........
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