TODO List KDevelop 2.1.2

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Tue Jun 4 21:57:03 UTC 2002

W. Tasin wrote:

> Should happen only if you tried my first patch... 

I've got just one patch of you. kdevprint-1.patch. Can you send the 
other one privately to me?

>> Furthermore, can we print coloured, I mean the syntax highlighting 
>> colours, too? 
> Hmmm...
> one disadvantage is that on black/white printers it would be printed 
> out in grey-scale, which makes green-colored comments almost 
> unreadable on printouts.
> Another solution would be to offer another checkbox to select 
> black/white or color printing (instead of the #define BW_PRINTING) or 
> making the define switchable by configure/make.
OK. Forget it. It doesn't belong to a 2.1.2.
F at lk

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