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On Monday 17 Jun 2002 2:26 pm, Philippe FREMY wrote:


> Now if we look at it from a pragmatic point of view, KDevelop has only
> three available editors right now: kate, nedit and kvim. Probably half of
> the geek population is using vim. It looks to me like an important editor
> to consider.

I'm quite partial to Kate, and I'd guess that a lot of the "Windows" crowd 
would get along well with Kate too :-) Vim/Vi/Emacs were just the editors I 
had to use while in Uni (1987-1988) because there was nothing else available. 
Once I got used to block highlighting with the shift key instead of CTRL-K-B 
CTRL-K-K (Wordstar) I made a decision to never go back (although sadly I can 
still remember a ton of those old Wordstar editing commands). Is there some 
way we can architect the integration of the editors so they can "broadcast" 
the feature set they can provide to the framework? In this way, an editor 
capable of multi-views on the same document could provide that, and others 
could do single views, etc.

> > An editor that does have a good notion of GUI can work differently by
> opening
> > multiple frames
> Unfortunately, vim does not have a good notion of GUI. Its author, Bram,
> does not even run X!

How does he view his fine collection of pornography then?

> And the concept of multiple windows on the same document is quite recent.
> Yes, new editors have it, but plenty of not-so-modern applications runs in
> single doc/single window and they are still very good. Having multiple
> windows on the same doc is a nice feature, sometimes useful, but not a core
> thing you can not live without.
> All the people I have seen use their IDE in a single window/multiple doc
> mode. This means we are putting a big burden on the editor part for a
> feature that is rarely used.

I presonally never use two or more views on the same document, but I have seen 
members of my team do it to great effect. Quite handy when the document is 
long. You can get a similar effect with bookmarking, but the multiview allows 
easy code comparison of disparate sections of the docs.

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