[kvim-dev] RE: team interview

Tue Jun 18 16:25:05 UTC 2002

> I can tell you from experience that I used such editors on the Amiga back
> 94. Others can tell you how ancient such editors are for X11 and Windows.

Ok. The first time I actually saw a doc/view model was in KDE. Maybe I am
lacking some experience here :-)

> Besides, emacs is hardly a new editor. It had these features 
> ever since I've been using it on UNIX systems.

Yes emacs has all the feature you could dream of. But this is very different
from which feature are _used_ . This is the problem with emacs. I have been
using it during one year and despite my efforts, never managed to learn more
than 10 or 20 key bindings. Out of the ten experienced emacs user I have
seen, only one would use it in the server fashion with multiple windows.

> I wouldn't let an editor written by a person who doesn't use 
> X11 dictate GUI standards of any sort.

I wish we could get rid of vim and start with a real gui-based
vim-compatible editor. Unfortunately, it is not going to happen. Vim is
already too big.

> Perhaps you haven't seen that many programmers using an IDE? 
> Why do you think we crave for large monitors?

I think the background plays a lot. I just noticed while preparing the
interview that many of you have a MSVC experience. I had not until
recentely. I have always been coding with vi or emacs. This plays a big role
in what you expect from an IDE.

To return the question: How many core unix programmer have you seen using an
IDE ? 

My answer is: none! The core unix programmer telnets with its old green and
black terminal to its old unix server and programs in C using Ed. Those that
don't do that are not core unix programmers. :-)

To return the other question: why do you thank we crave for a very powerful
konsole ? I have seen people switching to KDE because konsole rocks. :-)

We should do a little survey here. Guys, here, 

1. do you use only one window to edit all your project files and keep
switching buffers ?

2. do you have multiple windows to edit the different files of your project

3. do you have multiple windows opened on the same file ?

1. yes!
2. On windows with MSVC and a 17" monitor, no. On Linux, with my 21", I
usually have two vim instance running plus two konsoles with plenty of
virtual konsoles (konsole rocks!!!!)
3. Never.

Note that vim can have a splitted window which could handle case 1 and 2 for
me. You can split horizontally and vertically, as many times as you want.

Anyway, to get back on real stuff. Vim is an important editor to consider
when doing an IDE for Unix. I can not cound how many mails I have saying
"KDEvelop with Vi would rock!". I think this could just make people switch
to KDevelop. :-) Even the core unix programmers! :-)

I hope we will find a way to integrate without too many ugly hacks. How
about allowing the user to choose between powerful doc/view model and good
old 'one view/many doc' model, enabling vim only for the second case ?


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