Gideon project - buildproblems

Harald Fernengel harry at
Wed Jun 19 11:59:03 UTC 2002


On Wednesday 19 June 2002 08:26, Jakob Simon-Gaarde wrote:
> I really need some help to get startet on this project (or any kde
> project). I can build the whole thing but thats as far as I get. I'm
> interested in developing on the trollproject, but I dont't even know how I
> get this part in to KDevelop so I can test my changes.

check out the HEAD branch and configure it with "--disable-kdevelop". This 
will build only Gideon and the parts. Make sure you install it into your KDE 
directory (--prefix=$KDEDIR).

If you don't want to install it into your KDE directory, you have to add 
gideon'p path to the $KDEDIRS directory and run "kbuildsycoca" in order to 
use the plugins.

Start the "gideon" executable and it should work.

Best regards,

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