Gideon project - buildproblems

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jsg at
Wed Jun 19 08:29:03 UTC 2002

Hi there,

I really need some help to get startet on this project (or any kde project).
I can build the whole thing but thats as far as I get. I'm interested in
developing on the trollproject, but I dont't even know how I get this part
in to KDevelop so I can test my changes.

After building the project "make install" places most of the files in
/usr/local/kde/.  in /usr/local/kde/bin ther are 6 binaries gideon,
kdevelop, gideon-index and tree more. all the kpart .desktop files are
placed in /usr/local/kde/share/services. If I try starting
/usr/local/kde/bin/kdevelop i get an "This version of kdevelop uses kate as
internal editor..." error, though I can see that I have katepart.desktop
installed in /usr/share/services.
If I start kdevelop prior version the one installed with Redhat 7.3 it just
starts normally so it doesent automatically load any parts (I think, or else
I don't see the idea).

How do I get started and start using the gideon parts? Can someone point me
in the right direction?

Jakob Simon-Gaarde
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