[Fwd: Re: KDE 3.0.2: +1 week]

Stephan Johach lucardus at onlinehome.de
Thu Jun 20 20:30:05 UTC 2002

Am Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2002 01:26:01 schrieb falk.brettschneider at gmx.de:
> Hi!
> FYI: There wont be a translation for new text introduced between 2.1.0
> and today. We shouldn't care about that. English rules! ;-)

Yes, and kdevelop is coming home...

As far as I can see, there are about 10 strings which are not translatable in
current kdevelop 2.1.x cvs. I already told the developers about this weeks ago 
but only one developer cared about it (Harald). Unfortunately he couldn't 

Perhaps it's too late now. But as I see now there are three branches for 

kdevelop 2.1.x tagged as KDE_2_0_BRANCH using kdevelop.po (KDE_3_BRANCH)
kdevelop 2.2   from HEAD			   using kdevelop.po (HEAD??)
gideon (aka kdevelop 3.0) from HEAD	   using gideon.po???

Am I right? Confusing, isn't it?

I doubt kdevelop/gideon will ever be completely translated. That's quite
frustrating from a translators point of view since it's a shitload of work.


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