[kvim-dev] RE: team interview

Eray Ozkural erayo at cs.bilkent.edu.tr
Thu Jun 13 16:00:07 UTC 2002

Hi Philippe,

On Thursday 13 June 2002 10:44, Philippe FREMY wrote:
> I think the TextEditor interface should have the concept of the
> multi-document single window editor. Most editors work like that and the
> multi-window single document or multi-document is more or less a new
> concept with few editors implementing it.
> Most people, from what I have seen, use their IDE with one editor window
> only, switching between buffers. If you base KDevelop around this common
> concept, it will be far easier to integrate editors and will avoid the one
> process per edited file issue.

That's what vi people think :)

Yes, it's not possible with kvim to implement multiple frames per process. 
That's a weakness in vim code.

But that doesn't mean other editors can't do it. Emacs and XEmacs have been 
doing this for years and they can work in client/server mode.

> > Also we seem to have dangling processes after kvim part terminates.
> I used to have problems like that but fixed them some times. Maybe Mickael
> reintroduced them :-(
> If you don't like vim scripting commands, you can also use dcop. And if you
> use dcop with the generic ktexteditor interface, your work can be reused
> for other editor parts.

Try the stuff in kdeextragear-1. I'm not sure if DCOP helps here, I have to 
use either
  1) VIM scripting
  2) Extending VIM with new APIs <-- which I don't want to do

Because I ideally want this to work with the stock gvim/kvim.

Some bug reports would be helpful for me to move along.

See you,

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