Broken single-file compile in "empty" (generic) project [PATCH]

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Mon Jun 10 17:55:05 UTC 2002

Kuba Ober wrote:

>>I'm going to do this (probably even tomorrow).
>>Well, I used kdevelop.kdevprj (which is a custom project) without such
>>effects you write about, (cp kdevelop.kdevprj.saved kdevelop.kdevprj).
>>Also qextmdi.kdevprj works well (
>>And also some other custom projects I usually use.
>>Can you try it with these 2 firstly mentioned ones, please? And also,
>>does your patch still work well with them?
>Well, for me the kdevelop.kdevprj definitely works even before the patch, but 
>then kdevelop is an automake-managed project -- I don't know if it changes 
>matters. An empty custom project doesn't have any files, so 
>please let's start with an empty one first.
>And yes, it seems to work all right with kdevelop.kdevprj after the patch, 
>too. The patch affects single-file compiles *only* and makes make use correct 
>options (previously, make didn't get any options at all as far as I can tell, 
>at least not on the command line - maybe configure put some magic into the 
>Cheers, Kuba
Patch applied to cvs.
Thanks! :-)
F at lk

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