Broken single-file compile in "empty" (generic) project [PATCH]

Kuba Ober kuba at
Mon Jun 10 14:31:02 UTC 2002

> I'm going to do this (probably even tomorrow).
> Well, I used kdevelop.kdevprj (which is a custom project) without such
> effects you write about, (cp kdevelop.kdevprj.saved kdevelop.kdevprj).
> Also qextmdi.kdevprj works well (
> And also some other custom projects I usually use.
> Can you try it with these 2 firstly mentioned ones, please? And also,
> does your patch still work well with them?

Well, for me the kdevelop.kdevprj definitely works even before the patch, but 
then kdevelop is an automake-managed project -- I don't know if it changes 
matters. An empty custom project doesn't have any files, so 
please let's start with an empty one first.

And yes, it seems to work all right with kdevelop.kdevprj after the patch, 
too. The patch affects single-file compiles *only* and makes make use correct 
options (previously, make didn't get any options at all as far as I can tell, 
at least not on the command line - maybe configure put some magic into the 

Cheers, Kuba

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