Broken single-file compile in "empty" (generic) project [PATCH]

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Mon Jun 10 01:51:03 UTC 2002


Kuba Ober wrote:

>>>I'll also make another patch for build and rebuild along similar lines.
>>>Currently, build and rebuild complains about missing makefiles even when
>>>the makefiles are certainly there.
>>I don't understand what you mean. Please, explain more in detail. Build
>>and Rebuild works well here, even with Custom projects.
>I doubt that it really works. That's how I can reproduce it:
>(running kdevelop 2.1)
>- start kdevelop (FRESH START, DO NOT RUN ANY COMPILES!!!)
>- create a new project of the type that is the last entry in the appwizard 
>(other -> custom) [I use polish localization, dunno about exact english 
>wording of it].
>- create a single class in the source subdirectory (say if the project is in 
>./abc, then make the class using class wizard in ./abc/abc - that's where 
>you'd normally make it, just to make things clear)
>- optionally prepare a makefile for it (note that it's not needed that much, 
>since gmake normally has internal rules for c++ files, so even w/o a Makefile 
>it should always work).
>- look what transpires when you hit "compile file" button. You'll get gmake 
>complaining about being unable to find rule to make "yourfile.o".
>Other than that, no make options are passed to make from project options 
>dialog. The patch fixes that too.
>Note that the code that is supposed to do this stuff doesn't even set the 
>current working directory for make correcly.
>Trying this after some stuff has been correctly built may give false 
>impression that it works, since after compiles on full (ie. automake managed) 
>projects, kdevelop changes current working directory. Sometimes it is changed 
>to something that may enable make to work. Try this on a freshly started 
I'm going to do this (probably even tomorrow).

Well, I used kdevelop.kdevprj (which is a custom project) without such 
effects you write about, (cp kdevelop.kdevprj.saved kdevelop.kdevprj).
Also qextmdi.kdevprj works well (
And also some other custom projects I usually use.
Can you try it with these 2 firstly mentioned ones, please? And also, 
does your patch still work well with them?

>>17th June is cvs-tag day. We should stop committing some days before
>>that date. To give people the chance to verify the latest commits. I'd
>>say Wednesday is the last day open for bugfix commits. OK? The last days
>>until the 17th should be used for testing our patches and (hopefully
>>not) for emergency fixes of our own bugfixes. :-)
>Got it. Is this date related somehow to kde 2.0.2 release date?
Yes, it's also the day of tagging KDE-3.0.2.

>Cheers, Kuba Ober
F at lk

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