absolute filenames in class-store

Bernd Gehrmann Bernd-Gehrmann at gmx.de
Sun Jun 9 12:44:02 UTC 2002

On Saturday 08 June 2002 21:02, you wrote:
> Hi there,
> It looks like we're using absolute filenames in class store, which results
> in all sorts of funny things which should not be....

Because you broke AutoProjectPart::openProject().

You can't use the unresolved symlink in one place, and the resolved
symlink in another.

> I'd imagine other funky things occuring using any sort of absolute-ism in
> filenames. any filename that belongs to the project must be a relative
> filename.

Nope. We have been asked for years about including files into a project
from outside, and there is no reason to put any artificial and totally
unnecessary restrictions on it.


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