Code completion and interative syntax (semantic) checking

Thomas Schilling snuffeler at
Wed Jan 23 22:42:04 UTC 2002

Oooops. F***ing Outlook. I just sent the mail by accident :(
So here's the rest ...

> That's for sure.
... but requires careful design.


> Ok. We should ask the Gnome guys if they are interested in such a library
> as well. If it's independent they probably won't say no just because we're
> "the bad guys".
I hope so. :)

> I prefer the mailing list. More people more ideas.
No prob.

> > (I even speak german ;-)
> I don't really care. Actually for cs stuff I prefer plain English, because
> I don't have to translate all the technical terms. After all which sounds
> better:
> - "hacking code completion for Gideon" or
> - "code completion für kdevelop hacken" ?

Doesn't matter.

> > P.S.: How is studying informatik at hu-berlin?
> Me too! (I'm in Adlerfhof tomorrow from 15h onwards)

Uhm, I'm not at hu-berlin. I just asked how it is there.
(I currently tend to go to Karlsruhe - it's more theoretical ..)


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