Code completion and interative syntax (semantic) checking

Gregor Zeitlinger zeitling at
Tue Jan 29 15:55:05 UTC 2002

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> Not sure if this really fits into this thread, but here's an
> interesting project with regard to parsing c/c++ code:
> It's an extension to gcc to transform gcc's internal parsing tree to
> a verbose XML format.
it fits perfectly! This is actually something I was thinking about. It
would also be great for the "refactoring engine": something that allows
you to replace all occurences of one variable/fuction with another in the
current lexical scope. 
It may even be adaptable for incremental parsing.
I'll have a look at it, when I'm done with my current homework:
an SQL compiler!

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