Please help fixing #37097

Jens Zurheide jens.zurheide at
Sun Jan 20 13:48:05 UTC 2002

I once changed the function that switches to the next window. Instead of 
switching to the next window (in the window list) it was possible to switch 
to the previously opened (more precisely: activated) displayed window. For 
this it was necessary to have a timestamp for each display that noted the 
time of the last activation. This required some nasty hacks because then 
you must be able to track the release of the modifier key like Ctrl to 
allow "jumping over" windows displaying them but not activating. 
Unfortunately this modifier key is user-definable like Alt+PgUp/Alt+PgDown 
or Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+ShiftTab and I stopped there. Accessing the files using 
Alt+1..9 wouldn't require tracking the modifier key.


PS: How is the modifier key called correctly?

Sunday 20 January 2002 05:52 Jörg Rüppel
>Hi there,
>could you please read bug #37097? As I assume you are currently busy with
>lots of other stuff in KDev and this wishlist item is not high on your
>priority list. Well, I though it can't be that hard to get that done and
>checked out kdevelop from the KDE_2_2_BRANCH... I looked at the code to
> find a point to start at - and failed. ( Yes, I _do_ understand C++ ;)
>Where are you creating/modifying the menu holding the open views. Where is
>the list holding the entries in this menu? It's the first time I am
>attempting to code with KDE and QT, so I am not familiar with their APIs.
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