Please help fixing #37097

Jörg Rüppel asharky at
Sun Jan 20 05:53:04 UTC 2002

Hi there,

could you please read bug #37097? As I assume you are currently busy with 
lots of other stuff in KDev and this wishlist item is not high on your 
priority list. Well, I though it can't be that hard to get that done and 
checked out kdevelop from the KDE_2_2_BRANCH... I looked at the code to find 
a point to start at - and failed. ( Yes, I _do_ understand C++ ;)

Where are you creating/modifying the menu holding the open views. Where is 
the list holding the entries in this menu? It's the first time I am 
attempting to code with KDE and QT, so I am not familiar with their APIs. 


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