-fno_exceptions problem

W. Tasin tasin at fhm.edu
Sat Jan 19 13:27:04 UTC 2002


Daniel de Carvalho Gomes wrote:

>Dear sir,
>	sorry to bother you again, but at my development team we've
>been having nasty problems with kdevelop since the early versions due
>to the -fexceptions or -fno-exceptions g++ compiler's flag.
>	The kdevelop's version 2.0.2 enables by default the
>-fno-exceptions, but I've tried a lot of things to disable it and
>enable the -fexceptions and the only way I found was hack the configure
>script, wich is no good, because I need to edit it each time I run
>autoconf ... ( The problem with the early versions were the inverse,
>with the -fexceptions by default, but doesn't matter).
the -fexception problem is well known... and I will cc: your mail again 
to the kdevelop-devel-list to underline the urgency. I talked to Ralf 
Nolden to discuss this, but I cannot promise that we solve this until 
the next beta-release.

Here the manual way to solve this problem:

The following explanation is for all known project types, except the 
custom and the plain-c one (of course):
You have to modify configure.in.in (in the top_level project directory). 
If there is no configure.in.in you have to modify the configure.in.

First search inside this file the AC_CHECK_COMPILERS() macro call. If 
you found it you should the following line:

If there is no AC_CHECK_COMPILERS() then configure.in.in it begins like:

and you can add the line after the AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE() call (mostly the 
end of the file).

After that you should do "Build->Automake/autoconf" and 
"Build->Configure" (only to be on the save side) and it should work.

>	Well, is there any correct procedure to disable the
>-fno-exceptions and enable the -fexceptions ? Really sorry, but I
>find at the documentations nor at Usenet. By the way, there are some
>people with the same doubt at Usenet ... Maybe I can help'em later. :)
>	A suggestion if I may, could the kdevelop team put this at the
>compiler's option under Project options instead enabling it by default?
>Thank you very much!


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