Binutils prelink: anyone?

Andrea Aime aaime at
Mon Jan 14 20:29:02 UTC 2002

Hi everybody,
being bothered by KDE startup slowness, I was wondering if anyone
is using the prelinking utility that has been developed by Jakub Jelinek
for inclusion in the binutils... I know that there is objprelink out there,
but I was told that prelink does it better. The problem is that it is
not clear what is needed to run this utility (updated binutils, updated
gcc, updated kernel, whatever...). So my question is: is there
anyone happily running a prelinked KDE that can show me (us)
how to get this utility running? I already send a mail on the
binutils mailing list, but no-one answered... I feel that this utility
is so important that is deserves some testing to speed up the
development and show binutils developer how important is for
us (well, at least me) a fast application start...
Thank you for your time
Best regards
Andrea Aime

PS: I'm still hoping to see KDE running at a decent speed on
my old computer, a P200 with 96MB of RAM... when I bought my
new computer I didn't throwed it away because I'm confident in
the open source capability of getting the best of the available
computationa capabilities... :-) just dreaming?

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