Questions about the kate part

Roland Krause rokrau at
Mon Jan 14 08:00:05 UTC 2002

Ok experts, here are a few questions, forgive me if I am a bit naive, I
still feel lost in all the kparts stuff. 

First, what do I do to load a kate part but I dont really need a
document. As it looks like the Factory->create() call will always
return a Kate::Document, is that right? 

What do you suggest I'd do with that if I dont need it? I want the
kpart to be loaded when kdevelop starts, so that there is editor
functionality immediately. I guess I can always save the pointer to it
until I need one. I guess the alternative would be to implement some of
the menu and toolbar stuff in kdevelop itself so that it would work
right away, not such a great idea. 

What actually happens when a part is unloaded? Can I unload a part?  Is
there some sort of gc for the created actions? 

Second, how do I disable and enable KACtions that are merged into the
GUI. I.e. how do I find the pointer to a KAction "file_new" in order to
disable it when there is no project? 

More to come,
thanks in advance

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