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On Thursday 03 January 2002 17:34, you wrote about Re: c++ code completion 
status report:
> I heart on an oter list that gcc 3.x.x support a XML output of the class
> member like the database of VC++ when it compile some source. Maybe
> that's is also a way to go?
no it is not, because it knows nothing of signals and slots

ideally the ONLY parser that is aware of this and has XML output is doxygen.  
I was able to write  a "object" viewer of my code using Doxygen and QDOM in 
about 150 lines and it was reasonably fast ( 15 classes each with 5-6 
functions) in about 4 seconds on a Athlon 800.  The time seemed split between 
the parseing and the XML rendering.  I left it at that but ideally if you 
talke VERY nicely to the Doxygen  guy you may be able to use his parser and 
then just create a QDOM object, then use that accordingly

DOMS are expensive to create from what i have found but once you have one 
they are very fast. Basicly they are dictonary data structures.  If you could 
use doxygen's parser to create a DOM you are about 90% of the way there.  The 
other 10% ( the UI ) i have no clue about, since all i wanted was a robust 
class veiw and I stopped there.

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